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📑 About the Design Team

Purpose of the Design Team

  • The design team was created to help build a roadmap and work on the ideas and concepts for the server whilst also implementing some of these features into survival such as new mobs.
  • They work together to discuss ideas and build the core systems and mechanics that can then be produced to create a unique playable server.


  • The public will also have access to the #polls channel where they can respond to design surveys given out by the Senior Designer to get a better understanding of what the player-base would appreciate, you can get the role to be pinged by these in the #channels & roles channel.
  • Able to contribute thoughts and opinions in #suggestions so that the design team can think about and potentially look into. This is a good place for the player-base to share features they think would be useful or things that may present themselves as issues.

Junior Designers

  • Access to all the Design channels to be able to contribute to more official ideas and have more say in what will go into the official gameplay.
  • Attend weekly(sorta) meetings
  • Will create smaller ideas in the Notion and attend meetings to actively contribute.


  • Key members of the design team who will always be actively planning out larger gameplay concepts instead of giving small contributions to ideas at the meetings.
  • Have more control over the Project.

Design Lead

  • In charge of the overall project vision and development of server
  • They work closely with the entire team and are in charge of leading all members of team making sure they are keeping up and following goals.
  • Should ensure the flow of the project and build a roadmap for the project.
  • Works with other teams too such as coding and building to tie all pieces of development together.