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📣 Spam


  • Spamming links to harmful websites
  • Repeated self-advertising

!!! warning Mute for appropriate length for repeated offence: 1-3 day, 1 week, 1 month

!!! danger Permanent mute if this is repeated, if other Harassment present, a ban may be more suitable


  • Advertising own channel, servers
  • Don't stop people from talking about creators they like or playing on hypixel or something like that, but if they just aren't stopping, proceed below
  • Only limit self-advertising if it's excessive and only exists for the purpose of advertising
  • Or ask for permission from the staff if it's something that you have made

!!! info Warn: "Please don't advertise in chat. Instead, privately message people if they want to know about it"

!!! warning Warn the first time, then escalate to High