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Classes, skills, and attributes


"The first step to becoming stronger is finding out you had 7 unspent points that you could've used on hyper-buffing that attack stat." -cheese

When you first join, you'll start with:

1 Class point
3 Skill points
1 Skill reallocation point
3 Attribute points
1 Attribute reallocation point

But what do all these points do? Let's find out!

Classes & Sub-classes

One of the first things you should do is pick your class! Each class has different stats, and will gain increased bonuses in certain areas upon leveling up. After reaching level 10, you will have access to sub-classes! Think of it like an upgrade to your original class, where you branch to different stylized versions of the original.

Pick one by talking to the Class Master!

Picking a class will consume one class point. \ 'Upgrading' to a sub-class will consume one class point.

The Tengu class. They trade mana and damage for better health stats.


Skills are special moves that you can do. You can cast them using Mana, a regenerating resource that will vary in speed and capacity depending on your class. Run /skills to see if you have any available skills.

Skills are abilities that the player can use, and can actively (or passively!) change the tides in battle. Each use will cost Mana, a regenerating resource that will vary in capacity and speed depending on your chosen class. To get skills, you must either have picked a static class (e.g. Satori and Oni), or have progressed to a sub-class (e.g. Youkai Magician, Wolf Tengu).

As previously mentioned, skills can be active or passive. Active skills require you to, well, activate them. Pressing 'F' will have you enter casting mode. It won't obstruct your combat, but will bring up a selection of your active skills in your actionbar, which will tell you what number key you press to activate each skill. Do note that casting will remain until you press 'F' again, so you may mistakenly use skills when switching to items. Using the scroll wheel will also cast spells; it can be used to easily activate skills that are one to the left or right of your active hotbar slot.

Lastly, each skill has a cooldown between usages. Skills can prove immensely useful, but can have fairly long cooldowns, so make each use count! Leveling up your intelligence can help make your skills more effective!


Your player has 3 core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Each attribute will has give certain statistics, which will increase on level up. Each attribute can have a maximum of 40 attribute points invested in them.

Increasing the level of an attribute will consume one attribute point.

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
+2% Weapon DMG1 +1.5% Physical DMG[^2] +2% Magic DMG2
+1 Max HP[^4] +1% Projectile DMG[^5] +1% Cooldown Reduction[^6]
+0.5 Attack Speed[^7]

The Strength attribute at level 2.

  1. Damage dealt using a weapon or tool. [^2]: Damage dealt using your fists. 

  2. Damage dealt using magical weapons, such as this placeholder until i find i the link to the notion page [^4]: The maximum amount of hitpoints a player may have. [^5]: Damage dealt using a projectile, such as arrows or throwing tridents. [^6]: The rate at which a spell can be casted again. Higher Cooldown Reduction reduces the time needed to recast. [^7]: The rate a player can attack at. Higher values mean lower attack intervals.