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Is there a map download?

No, because the map relies on the server's plugins to function. The map also keeps our project alive and we do not want to segment the community! Map is only given to people who knows what they are doing and they are contributing to the project one way or another.

How big is the map?

Our map is 21 Km wide and 26 Km in length

Is there a resource pack?

Yes, there is. When you first join you will be asked if you want to automatically download it whenever you join the server. You can also type /pack in-game to download the pack and avoid loading times

How can I help?

There is always thing to help out with! Find more info at: [REPLACE ME IN THE FUTURE] Or ask in the respective channels!

How can I let you guys know about issues?

For quick reports on survival, use ⁠#bug-reports, or if it regards a moderation issue please contact the staff team in ⁠#staff-ticket.

I took a cool picture, where can I post it?

We love this, just put them in ⁠#server-images, and we may use it for albums or galleries.

Which social medias are you on?

We are on quite a few social medias, see ⁠#📌〡information for all the links!

I can't join the server?

The server does not allow cracked accounts access to it, so that may be one reason. Otherwise please open a ticket in #staff-contact with a screenshot of the error-message you are getting, staff will help out as best they can.

Does this server has chat reporting on?

No, and never will be.

I'm experiencing some connection issues?

Yes, that might be case for wifi and slow internet users. We are highly recommending either Ethernet or fast 5GHz or above internet connections.