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💣 Grief

While players are allowed to make houses that others can't grief (this rule extends to all player structures), they may not claim absurdly large parts of land as their own and forbid others from modifying them. There's a gray area, but if we see issues we'll discuss them on a case-by-case basis.

Some examples of what can and can't be done: A town cannot be owned by one singular person if many have contributed to it. You can't claim an entire layer/section/landmarks/community hubs.


  • Repeated grief of a specific area
  • Obvious destruction of multiple houses

!!! warning If there is a chance of misunderstanding, and this is a first major offence, look in medium


intent, permanent ban: "Griefing is not allowed on this server"


  • Killing of pet animals
  • Threatening to grief
  • Making lavacasts / "lavafalls" not a part of a build

!!! warning Tempban 1-3 day, 1-2 week, 1 month, escalate if repeated

!!! danger to high afterwards, not necessary to specifically have gone through the day/week/month bans if the next offence fits into high.


  • Breaking farms and not replanting

!!! info Warn: "Please be a bit more careful with other players' builds and avoid "

!!! warning If repeated offences continue (~2 minor things), escalate to medium