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Our Features

Custom Weather Seasons/Events

We've very fast and super flexiable weather system and weather events with temprature to make survival little bit intresting

Winter and Spring

Deeper World

We all know gensokyo has a lot of verticality. With this feature we can add unlimitted sections to a world that teleports and syncs! (it also syncs minecarts)

Custom Fishing

Pretty self explanatory but with this plugin there are more than 50+ custom fish to catch and sell!

Fishing minigames

Selling the fishes

Custom Classes

You can choose your class accordingly to races in touhou!

Devil Class

Smithing and Enchanting

The server features new crafting stations like the smeltery with over 20 new recipes available to enhance the classic crafting experience, you can upgrade items crafted in the smeltery at the blacsmith anvil, we also have a bunch of custom enchants made at the Arcane Table(classic enchanting table is disabled).

Smeltery, Arcane Table and Blacksmith Anvil