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🖥 For Developers

Plugins we use in the server:

  • Mythic Mobs (MM): Plugin for custom bosses/enemies/skill effects
  • Oraxen: Plugin for managing resourcepack/custom blocks and some of the custom items
  • Model Engine (ME): Plugin for importing and converting models to the game
  • MMOCore: Plugin for adding custom classes as well as clan system
  • MMOItems: Plugin for combining MM Skills and MMOCore classes
  • RealisticSeasons: For custom seasons and weather events
  • Custom Crops: Self explanatory
  • Custom Fishing: Again, self explanatory


!!! info I want to help, where do I start?

First of all cuz of these plugins are paid i cannot distrubute them but if you are experienced and if you have your own work with these plugin feel free to share with me in discord (Taiyouh) and we can work something out.

!!! info What's the best way to reach out if I have questions?

You can reach us in [development channels]( on Discord.