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📜 Rules

Server Rules

Welcome to Gensokyo Reimagined! Below is a shortened list of rules for you to follow.

A full version containing more specific punishments can be found in the Moderation decision.

Both of these pages only serve as guidelines for moderators. There may be special cases, but you are expected to follow the rules below at all times!

If you believe something may be against the rules, but it isn't explicitly stated (or something doesn't sound right), it is your responsibility to open a ticket in #staff-contact.


EXP farms in the form of custom mobs or other vanilla (cactus farms and so on) ones are not permitted, due to server lag issues. The same goes for farms for mob drops.

Respect Others

  • No griefing or stealing others’ belongings, private or not.
  • No harassment of others
  • No excessive swearing
  • Respect moderators
  • No repeated killing, or tricking others to their death

Do not circumvent bans

You are not allowed to use alts to get around punishments

Do not abuse exploits

Report bugs #bug-reports on Discord.

  • If you are found exploiting a specific bug, you will be given a warning or temporary ban depending on the severity, increasing in length with repeated offenses.
  • More info
  • If something happens to you randomly and or inconsistently, such as fall damage sometimes not working, you should still report it; if, for example, you know how to reproduce it, but we get that sometimes you can't really do anything about it.
  • In general, we aren't too severe with these unless it's blatant exploitation, such as item duplication.
  • We ask that you delete any duped items you still have!\ \ See Exploit abuse.

Do not spam or advertise in chat

  • Do not self advertise for the purpose of advertising
  • Do not send the same message repeatedly
  • Do not spam emotes

This can also extend to DMs in some cases. Generally, you are free to talk about whatever you like in DMs, as long the other party is okay with it, but spamming someone privately, for example, still breaks this rule.\ \ See 📢Spam

No Hacking

Hacking is absolutely not allowed.

You are not allowed to use hacked clients either, even if you aren't using any hacks

Baritone and the likes are not allowed either

Mods and or scripts for auto-fishing are not allowed either.

  • Allowed mods
  • Anything provided by our launcher (soon:tm:)
  • Farsight
  • Optifine
  • Replaymod
  • VR
  • Minimaps & HUD enchancements
  • Fullbright
  • Litematica and the like are allowed so long as the blocks are not automatically placed for you. Please avoid using it though.
  • Clients which don't give an unfair advantage (Lunar Client etc.) in terms of combat enchancements or hacked clients.